Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Cara Autofocus Tes

How to test autofocus

Testing the autofocus of a lens and camera body combination is very straight forward.
1. Start by mounting the camera on a tripod and enabling the mirror lock.
2. Set the exposure mode to aperture-priority (AV) and select the widest aperture of the lens (angka terbesar). If you're testing a zoom lens, I recommends that you set it to the longest focal length if it's one that you use most often.
3. Set low ISO. If your lens has Image stabilisation, turn it off.
4. Focus on a stationary subject, positioning the camera a minimum distance of 50 times the focal lenght from the subject. Contoh : kalau lo punya lensa 50mm (50X50mm) = 2500mm atau 2,5 meter.
5. Manually select the central autofucus point. Make sure that the subject fills the entire AF pont and is square to the camera.
6. Now, using the mirror lock and a cable release, take three photos.
7. Go to the autofocus microadjustment menu and dial in an adjustment of -5 and take three more photos.
8. Repeat this with an adjustment of +5.
9. Look at the result of 100% magnification on your computet monitor. Examine the photos to see which is sharpest. Slight variations at the same setting are normal and within the camera's autofocus tolerance levels (this is the reason for taking three photographs at each setting).

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