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How To Maximize Your EOS Picture Style

In the pre-digital days, seasoned photographers typically chose films according to a color palette they thought would be suitable to their subject. In the digital EOS world, this need for specialized image qualities is addressed by PICTURE STYLE.

Think of picture style as a collection of parameters that influence the final look of a digital photograph.
Contoh yang akan kita ambil dari Canon EOS 7D. Kapanpu kita menagkap moment hasilnya akan diproses dalam algoritme 7D tersebut. Algoritme ini akan menyesuaikan saturasi, hue, luminosity, ketajaman dan kontras dari gambar yang diterjemahkan dalam picture style yang digunakan pada saat memotret. Canon EOS 7D dilengkapi dengan enam kondisi picture style yang masing-masing telah diterapkan parameter sesuai dengan kondisi yang umum digunakan.
  • STANDARD : The Default picture style setting, this produces sharp image with vivid color that is suited to general picture taking situation.
  • LANDSCAPE : Best for nature subjects, this enhances blue and green hues and adds a bit of sharpness to the image.
  • NEUTRAL : This setting maximizes detail and gives good latitude for digital post-processing.
  • FAITHFUL : Ideal for subjects that require color accuracy, this picture style renders an image to be as close as possible to the actual scene.
  • PORTRAIT : Configured to display natural skin tones, the Portrait setting lowers sharpness levels to "soften" skin details, and adds a bit of magenta and yellow to suggest glowing skin.
  • MONOCHROME : Outputs the digital equivalent of a black-and white picture as  influenced by a scene's individual tones.
In addiition to this, the EOS 7D also has three user-defined picture style. All Nine picture styles mas be edited in-camera.


Another major advantage of Canon picture Styles is that user can create their own set of parameters using the Picture Style Editor. This program is included in the basic software package of every EOS camera. Because of it, users can have complete control over final look of their digital images. Here's how to make a customized picture style :


1. To maximized accuracy, amke sure your monitor is calibrated before you begin this process. In the Preferences menu of the Picture Style Editor, select Adobe RGB as the default color space.

2. Load a Canon RAW image into the main window. This image will serve as the  "reference photo" from whic the custom picture style parameters will be adjusted.

3. Using the Preliminary Adjustments window, adjust the basic setting of the image according to taste.

4. Selet a Base Picture Style from the drop-down window and fine-tune its setting by clicking on the Advanced button.


Activate the Color Picker tool and use this to select an individual color that you wish to adjust. this color will be indicated by a dot in the color wheel window. Simply click on this dot and drag it to your preferred hue. The color adjustment range may be widened or narrowed by dragging its borders with the mouse. You may also perform your adjustment using the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) slider and the curve chart. repeat this process with the other color until you get the effect you want.

Use the split-window display to compare the adjusted image with the original image.
When you are satisfied with the result, you can then save this picture style as a .PF2 file.
This can then be saved into the EOS 7D as a user-defined picture style using EOS Utility program.

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