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Promosi Olympus Pen @ Oktagon

Promosi OLYMPUS @Oktagon
Kemang - Gunung Sahari

Selama periode 21 Januari s/d 19 Februari 2012.

Setiap pembelian Olympus PEN, customer berhak mendapatkan free :

Type Kamera
Olympus E-P3 14-42
PENPAL +  Leather Case PLC-02
Olympus E-P3 14-42&40-150
Olympus E-PL3 14-42
Olympus E-PL3 14-42&40-150
PENPAL + Leather Case PLC-03
Olympus E-PM1 all Type Lens
Olympus E-PL2 14-150mm

  • The handy way to send your PEN pictures to smart phones and more
  • Automatic picture resizing
  • Bluetooth® compatible
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Stores up to 2.600 pictures
  • Send your pictures to smart phones and more
  • Easy to use - snaps right into your Accessory Port 2
  • Resizes pictures automatically - makes them ready to share
A new era in mobile photography has begun. Snapped into the Accessory Port 2 of your PEN system camera, the PENPAL is the simplest way to send pictures to your friends, your smart phone, laptop computer - or even another PEN camera! PENPAL uses the widely compatible Bluetooth® standard and is easy to use, no technical skills necessary. Plus, PENPAL makes your pictures internet-ready: you don’t have to worry about resizing or reformatting your pictures. Just send a picture to your mobile phone, and it’s ready to post on your social network. You can store up to 2,600 pictures on the PENPAL so you’ll have plenty to share.
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